There was a Federal Government Law Enforcement employee who decided to fight against pervasive racism and corruption in the United States Marshal Service working under the U.S. Department of Justice. He believed in GOD and he proclaimed the, ‘Blood of the Lamb’. But in spite of all his Holy professions others told him,


“Go along, to get along”

"Don't fight the system it will change in time"

"Blacks employees must work hard and prove themselves as managers"

 "Just turn your head when you see injustice against citizens, you can't police everything"

“It’s a good-O-boy network and they don't want minorities in the network”

"You have a great career, please don't destroy it on a crusade against bad cops”

"If you testify against the, Marshals Service on Capitol Hill, management will destroy your career for sure"

"The US Justice Department is too big with too many resources, you can’t   win "

"400 years of oppression is not going to change overnight with your complaints"

"Being called a ‘Coon or Nigger’ by white employees is not all that bad"

 "Just continue to arrest those who we direct you to arrest even if they are all black"

"I love you brother but if you go forward with your EEO Complaints then I can't be associated with you”

"I have a family I must feed and these people will destroy you with there mighty power"

"Take their settlement offer and take care of yourself because the black Marshals that you are standing up for are afraid and care about only themselves

"The Marshal Service will set you up and get you arrested or killed in the line of duty"

"Please take the settlement money and run, they don’t need to admit to discrimination and just let your GOD handle the rest"


But that same US Marshal reiterated, “The same GOD who called me, will deliver me in my hour of need".


 And then late one night years later as this ominous battle for justice continued, that same U.S. Marshal sat in the rain watching over his property in Washington, D.C. after an eviction by his own U.S. Marshal colleagues because, he could not pay his rent.


As he tried to hide the tears that eased slowly down his face blending in with the rain, he wondered how long will this go on. He then looked up into a dark sky and said, "Lord my money is low, all my friends and co-workers have left me. My fiancée left too and she said, I should accept what this enemy offers and let this battle go. Now I here the roaring thunder of a mighty enemy charging towards me like Pharaoh's army in the night and my back is against a sea of despair. “It's just you and me now GOD, just you and me! Nobody else, I'm all alone with just you".


But that same U.S. Marshal continued to believe he was standing on Holy around, never giving up. And then, years later on April 28th 1998, thirteen years from the date of his first discrimination compliant. That same US Marshal sat in a courtroom in U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C. and waited for a jury to announce his fate. The jury said, we find in the Civil Action of Matthew Fogg VS Janet Reno 94-2814-TPJ, that plaintiff Matthew Fogg's Civil Rights were grossly violated.


We also find the entire US Marshal Service all across America to be a racially hostile environment for all of its African American law enforcement employees and, we find that Janet Reno and the US Justice Department is responsible in damages of 4,000,000.000 (Four Million) dollars. We further find that Matthew Fogg be reinstated from a GS-13 to a GS-15 Chief Deputy U.S. Marshal with all back pay and attorney fees. 


As the jury read the Landmark verdict that is significant for all federal workers, the tears once again crept slowly down his face as he looked up in silence and heard an omnipotent voice inside his mind. It said, “Matthew my son, remember that night years ago you cried unto me and said, Lord it's just you and me, no one-else but you and me GOD!”  Well I ask, you now my son, Who Else Do You Need?                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Copy Write 5/98


His Majestic Force Is With Us!

Chief Deputy U.S. Marshal,

Matthew Fogg